Dave Owen

S.W.I.K.O. Chief Instructor - Central Dojo Chief Instructor

Dave’s training started back in 1967. He initially trained in Judo. and practiced Kung Fu (White Crane) for a short while followed by Wado Ru Karate, finally moving on to Shotokan Karate which he has stuck with and practiced ever since. 

In Shotokan Karate Dave has rising through the ranks of both the S.K.I. and F.S.K. to reach the F.S.K. highest gradable level of 5th Dan.

Dave Owen is also The Senior Instructor to The South West FSK Karate Clubs, a qualified professional Boxing coach and has trained alongside the best Pro Boxers in the South West. Dave holds and Enhanced DRB for teaching Children.

Dave shotokan Karate skills and teaching methods have earned the respect of all including various members of other local Karate clubs and organisations whose members and instructors come to train with Dave on many occasions.


Dave | Mob: 07970 481984

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