Darren Novis - 4th Dan

 MG 2605 (1)

S.W.I.K.O. Senior Instructor and Central Dojo Club Instructor.

Darren has been training with Sensei Dave Owen about 13 years.
He achieved his 2nd Dan in 2007 from sensei Aidan Trimble F.S.K. His 3rd Dan in 2014 and his from 4th Dan in May 2018 from Sensei Owen and Sensei Shaw.

Darren is a keen competitor and has won many medals that also includes  fighting for the Central Dojo team where they won the F.S.K. Nationals 5 years in a row. 

"I love training and intend to keep on doing so, an hopefully get my son into Shotokan Karate”.

Darren is now a senior member and Instructor of S.W.I.K.O 

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