What style of Karate do you teach?

We teach Shotokan Karate to the highest standards at all our clubs. See our Instructors profile

Im a beginner what do I need to wear?

Light fitting clothes, Track suit with shoes and socks removed or you can purchase a Karate suit when you get into it :-)

Do you hold separate Adults and Children classes?

Yes. See club pages

How much does karate cost?

There is no monthly tie in fee

First sessions are free (2nd session also free at Central Dojo only)

Kihaku charge £4 per session, Central Dojo £5 per session or save with a direct debit option.

A compulsory licence (Grading record and Club Membership) is £25 per year inclusive (January to January)

Gradings (Not Compulsory) are £20 (held every 3 Months)

Karate Gi after you get into karate :-) from £25

How often are gradings held?

Kyu Grades (Coloured Belts) are held every 3 months Dan Grades every 6 Months

Do I have to grade?

No, although its not much fun remaining a white belt forever. We structure our training to grades.

I am from another Organisation/Club am I welcome to train ?

Yes more than welcome :-)

Do you have a child protection officer / Designated Safeguarding Officer ?

Yes follow link this to John Goodwin

For More info contact South West Central Dojo - Dave Owen | Mob: 07970 481984 

Kihaku Karate Club - Mark Shaw Tel: 01803 875583 | Mob: 07966 564857

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