What style of Karate do you teach?

We teach Shotokan Karate to the highest standards at all our clubs. See our Instructors profile

Im a beginner what do I need to wear?

Light fitting clothes, Track suit with shoes and socks removed.

On joining you will be required to purchase a Karate suite and fighting mitts all available from Sensei Dave Owen or Sensei Mark Shaw.

Do you hold separate Adults and Children classes?

Yes. See club pages Central Dojo | Kihaku karate Club

Do you have a child protection officer / Designated Safeguarding Officer?

Yes follow link this to John Goodwin

How much does S.W.I.K.O. karate cost?

Click here to find out

Do I have to grade?

No, although its not much fun remaining a white belt forever. We structure our training to grades.

I am from another Organisation/Club am I welcome to train?

Yes more than welcome :-)

I am from another Organisation/Club and wish to join S.W.I.K.O will my grade be recognised.

Yes if you are from a recognised organisation. Speak to Sensei Owen or Shaw for more details on this.

For More info contact South West Central Dojo - Dave Owen | Mob: 07970 481984  Kihaku Karate Club - Mark Shaw Tel: 01803 875583 | Mob: 07966 564857

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