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Please feel free to download and print off any of the flyers for advertising our clubs. Or for sticking on your wall :-)

Competition Forms

These will be made available closer to competition dates.

Licence Form

S.W.I.K.O. Licence Renewal Form Note: Licence runs from January - January (1 Year)

Flyers and Posters

Kihaku Karate Club Sensei Paul Edwards A5 x 2 on A4 Sheet

Kihaku Karate Club Sensei Paul Edwards A4

PDF Downloads

Kyu Grades INSTRUCTOR GUIDE click here to download

Dan Grade application form click here

Dan Grade guide click here for download

Dan grade combinations print out updated Version 8 November 2014

Please note: 

This grading syllabus is for guidance only – the student may not be asked to perform the syllabus “Verbatim” but if he or she has been training on a regular basis, they will be familiar with the examination content.

Students may be asked to perform a random selection from any of their previous grading Kata.

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